With XPRESSCHEX, INC., Merchants Can Accept Checks With Confidence or Expedite Their Batch Processing of Checking Account Transactions  

With check writing on the increase, and the Federal Reserve projecting that the trend will continue, itís no surprise that research indicates consumers prefer checks to all other forms of non-cash payments.  Bottom line: for merchants, accepting checks is more important than ever.   

XPRESSCHEX, INC. (formerly Magic Software Development, Inc.) helps merchants to provide fast, reliable check acceptance that protects them from fraud, expedites their cash flow, and reduces the problems of return checks.  
XPRESSCHEX has also developed cutting-edge ACH services, allowing merchants to charge their customers by debiting their checking accounts directly.  

Read on for the complete story of how XPRESSCHEX can provide retailers and other businesses with a complete check-acceptance solution.

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